I make lines and shapes to create a visual rhythm that tells a story.

I’m Naomi Maria

Designer, Illustrator, & Visual Artist


I’m a designer that comes from a traditional fine art background, building whole gallery installations, painting on walls, and running thousands of prints through presses by hand. While in university, I participated in multiple art exhibitions and began doing freelance design and illustration work. I still love making art, but design is what started to feel more like home to me. Aesthetics are still important to me and this informs my work. Every brand and story can be made beautiful. Mockups and prototypes are essential and everything starts with sketches.

If your project needs that special touch, a little bit of a handmade feel, and a heck of a lot of visual appeal with a rich illustrated environment to tell a story, you’ve found the right person.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time outdoors with my husband and dog, inside hunkered down over other creative endeavors like making furniture, jewelry, clothing, and cooking.

You can check out works in progress, adventures, likes, and quibbles on social media:

Designer & Artist Statement

To put it succinctly: I need to make marks.

Since I was a small child and my mother kept catching me behind the sofa drawing on the wall in crayon, mark-making has been my compulsion. I reveal images one cut, line, stitch, spray, or brush stroke at a time, arranging letters and words, trying to snatch a snippet of mood, a thought, or the colors and patterns seen behind closed eyelids and turn it a feeling or atmosphere.

My design philosophy is brand-oriented. Every brand is its own little universe that requires visual assets that orbit around the logo. I’m fond of flexible branding and responsive logos because they are more organic and adaptable to our rapidly changing digital and print era. If a project is for something within an existing identity ecosystem, I’ll make something that fits right in.

As an illustrator, I am malleable. I have my preferences, but I’m able to draw in a wide variety of styles to suit the project. I like to work super flat to lines only to highly textured and painterly in both digital and traditional media.

My traditional art work involves layering handmade patterns and textures over various surfaces. Texture is important to me and I take mindful consideration in choosing and combining materials. I love mixed media, but favor having some printmaking element in my work, as it enables me to more thoroughly explore the visual representation of an idea or feeling by creating different versions of the same imagery. In this era of digital printing, a standard edition print feels less relevant to me. By producing varied editions, I can create multiples that are also unique from one another, allowing every collector a guaranteed one of a kind piece of art.

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