I’m Naomi Maria

visual artist, designer,

& illustrator


My professional day is split between product design and visual art projects. You can find me neck deep in research, sketchbooks, patterns, letter forms, packaging prototypes, swatches, mood boards, and branding guidelines. I’m creating a new body of artwork in 2017, including collaborative pieces with other artists and writers.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time outdoors with my husband and dog, inside hunkered down over other creative endeavors like making furniture, jewelry, and clothing, and in the kitchen making and documenting the food I cook.

You can check out works in progress, adventures, likes, and quibbles on my social accounts below:

Artist Statement

To put it succinctly: I need to make marks.

Since I was a small child and my mother kept catching me behind the sofa drawing on the wall in crayon, mark-making has been my compulsion. I reveal images one cut, line, stitch, spray, or brush stroke at a time, trying to snatch a snippet of mood, a thought, or the colors and patterns seen behind closed eyelids and turn it into something physical, tactile, and tangible.

Generally my traditional media work involves layering handmade patterns and textures over various surfaces. Texture is important to me and I take mindful consideration in choosing and combining materials. I love mixed media, but favor having some printmaking element in my work, as it enables me to more thoroughly explore the visual representation of an idea or feeling by creating different versions of the same imagery. In this era of digital printing, a standard edition print feels less relevant to me. By producing varied editions, I can create multiples that are also unique from one another, allowing every collector a guaranteed one of a kind piece of art.

However, I have no qualms against commercial printing! It has expanded the accessibility and affordable art to everyone. Decorating our homes with beautiful and meaningful things is so important and that is why I also enjoy being able to create housewares and decor to match varying personal styles.

Artist Résumé


2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts Printmaking & Minor in Art History, Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis, Indiana


2003 Imation Computer Arts Scholarship recipient
2003 Dean of the Faculties Scholarship recipient

Solo Exhibitions

2012     Madero, Indie Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana
2012     Linda Preciosa II, IndySWANK, Indianapolis, Indiana
2012     Linda Preciosa I, IndySWANK, Indianapolis, Indiana
2008    Victims of Victoria, Gnosis Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2006    Columbus Art Walk, Kidscommons Children Museum, Columbus, Indiana

Group Exhibitions & Printmaking Exchanges

2016     Lightning Bolts Under The Night Sky, The Sketchbook Project Winter Print Exchange
2015     The Sketchbook Project 2014 Print Exchange Exhibition, 7Dunham Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
2014     Just A Second, The Sketchbook Project 2014 Print Exchange
2012     We Made This… And We’re Sorry, Herron Senior Printmaking Invitational Print Exchange
2012     Herron Makes Books – Student Work from the Book Arts Program – 2nd Edition, Arthur M. Glick Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2012     Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Exhibition, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, New York
2012     Major Malfunctions & Delicate Disasters, Marsh Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2011     100 Under $100, 3040 Indie, Indianapolis, Indiana
2009    National Arts Program Exhibition, Garfield Park Arts Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
2009    Creative Native, Garfield Park Arts Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
2008    Squish Factor, Gnosis Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2008    Art vs. Art Showdown, The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana
2008    Miscellany, Gnosis Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2006    Shin Tanaka’s Kami Zoo Paper Craft Exhibition, Less Rain Basement Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2003    Imation Computer Arts Scholarship Program Finalists Exhibition, Imation Corporate Headquarters, Oakdale, Minnesota


The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition 2012, Volume 3. Art House Projects 2012: 48.
Camden Noir, Label 228: A Street Art Project. Soft Skull Press 2009: 20, 114, 168, 172.
New Framebuilders’ Collective. 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Skilbeck, P., & Szczesiul, N., 27 Feb. 2009.
Of Bikes ‘n Beer. North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Szczesiul, N., 27 Feb. 2009.