DIY: Pink Lamp Transforms Into A Mature Metallic

It’s almost summer, which means it’s good weather to start working on DIY projects for redecorating our home! I’m planning to buy some brand new things, but I also wanted to keep some items by upcycling them to match our new decor, and I’ll also be building some things from scratch.

I’m past pink.

The first thing I decided to tackle at home was lighting. Lighting is taken for granted because it’s something that we need and can come in easy basic colors; however, it’s an opportunity to make a statement! I want to bring more metal elements into our home and besides what I am buying, I know I have some lamps at home that are good candidates to paint.

The lamp in question: it’s pink, it’s clearly a basic back to college lamp, and no surprise, I got it in college. It’s time to make this lamp match my mature self, hahah! I’m digging the comeback of metallics, especially copper because it has such a nice warm tone and looks great in shiny, matte, hammered, or patina finishes.

It took some work to disassemble, but it made sanding and cleaning surfaces easier. Taping all the electrical parts was a also a hassle, but made everything look tidy once I got all four coats of hammered copper paint on the lamp. I also made sure to keep all the parts I wasn’t painting together in a little bucket so I wouldn’t be in trouble once it came time to reassemble the lamp!

The finished lamp. Looks pretty good, right?

Lovely copper finish.

Have you repainted a lamp before? I’d love to see it!