Inktober is Coming!

Inktober is almost here! I haven’t participated in past years because I was too busy or wasn’t particularly thrilled about the prompts. I like Halloween, but I want a little more freedom beyond super holiday specific words. This year’s set sounded pretty good to me, so I’m in!

If you aren’t familiar with Inktober, you can read more about it on Jake Parker’s website, but the premise is simple: in October, you draw one drawing every day with ink. There are 31 days worth of prompts and some people don’t stick with them. Some people do digital inking instead. It’s gone pretty freeform by this point since when it first started.

However, I am going to be working in ink. Specifically, I’ll be using dip pens and brushes with India ink. I’ve prepared 31 pieces of Bristol board all in the same size to keep a common format. They’ll all be up for sale when I relaunch my online shop, so stay tuned!