Paper Flower Pot Cover

I received a pretty pot of calla lilies from one of my friends from work after I got back from my grandfather’s funeral and I love them, but not the shiny paper around the plastic pot. I didn’t need anything crazy and I always love the way kraft paper looks, so a shopping bag was a quick fix and I thought the handles would look cute.

There’s not that much to explain here! First you trim down the plastic decorative cover to be flush with the pot. Grab your paper shopping back and cut it a little higher than the height of the pot and trim off extra on each side so you have two halves the same size with the handles in the center. I made mine a little taller than the paper tag with the plant care information. Then I taped the first half to the plastic liner and then secured the top half with matte paperclips. You could sew or staple the top part too, but I was going for speed.

And there we go! Quick little cover up for the flower pot that goes much better with its surroundings.

Do you have any techniques to make your fresh flower pots fit in your home better? Share in the comments below!